Saturday, November 24, 2012

0 Customers Review About London Fog Luggage

Recently  i read some news and reviews about London Fog Luggage,and i could say things can be better if you think about it before you buy this kind of luggage.everyone has a different views using london fog luggage,but most of all are holding the positive position.
Here i can share with you my experience through theses reviews.

Positive View For London Fog Luggage

one on amazon buyer say he bought a large around 30 at a discount price at a department store locally.his family was planning to a vacation, and they actually brought this luggage as long as 14 days.not just travel by car ,rail,air,but included many traffic tools.his comment for that luggage is great.things never are just the luggage contains the element of classic only.also it has elegant.we all love it.

Negative view for London Fog Service Of After-selling

Another person on the contrary maybe come across some problems.because i can frankly tell you this due to you arethe customers.he had a bad experience with this luggage.his first trip is a international one.he think it is not a worth the trouble.Also there is not  a way for him contact the manager directly.and request a refund or return the item.he got a little disappoint.

My opinion is not so bad.

London fog is popular brand.and has a high search on google.maybe we ignore something about the details.not so bad we still think london fog company can give us a reasonable explanation timely.
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