Thursday, November 22, 2012

0 Ten bags (travel bags) brand Bangzhong Bang, designer bags, what brand of luggage (2011)

 1 Samsonite Samsonite

 (founded in 1910, ten bags brand, large multinational corporations, professional commitment to luggage design, production enterprises, Samsonite International Trade Co., Ltd.)

Louis Vuitton LV

 (founded in France in 1854, the world's top 500 brands, luggage and leather goods field of the world's first brand, Louis Vuitton (China) Sales Co., Ltd.)

3 Crown Crown 

(founded in 1983, one of Asia's largest luggage companies, manufacturing experts of the luggage area, ten bags brand, China Crown Investment Group Co., Ltd.)

4 leopard Winpard Wei

 (in 1988, specializing in luggage design, the manufacturing company of the Group, the well-known trademarks in China, Guangdong Famous Trademark Guangdong WINPARD Industrial Co., Ltd.)

5 diplomats

 (Taiwan, specializing in the production of rod boxes, suitcases and other types of travel goods companies in 1971, ten bags brand, Shanghai Tai Fung Luggage Co., Ltd.)

6 Shengdabaoluo Polo

 (started in 1910, the top ten brands of luggage brand, the influence of the United States, professional enterprise dedicated to the production of leather goods, the United States Shengdabaoluo (Polo))

7 up to send dapai

 (known trademarks in China, Fujian Province, brand-name set of luggage product design, research and development, production and sales of integrated enterprise, bags up to send (China) Co., Ltd.)

8 gold Rutter 

(founded in 1984, Chinese well-known trademarks, brand-name products in China, mainly specialized in the production of bags, leather goods business, of Zhejiang Jinludapi with Limited)

9 Golden Monkey 

(1951, Chinese well-known trademarks, famous brand in China, the China Leather Industry Association, vice chairman of the unit, the national large-scale industrial enterprises, Monkey Group Co., Ltd.)

10 love thinking Ace

 (large enterprises of the Sino-Japanese joint venture, one of the nation's largest luggage design, production, sales of the base, the world's brands, Elsevier Group (China) Co., Ltd.)

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