Thursday, November 29, 2012

0 luggage maintenance knowledge

Cloth bags  Generally  cloth package dry cleaning or washing  stripes  more than bright colors of the cloth package must the dry cleaning  otherwise will fade. The soiled cloth packages available water plus a small amount of detergent  lines back and forth with a small velvet brush Shun Qingshua can  some available Iron appropriate iron  maintain its shape beautiful.  if afraid of bags fade if  in water first add a little salt or white vinegar  package and then immersed in about thirty minutes  then washed clean. This method can effectively prevent fading. Liangpi bags  shiny leather  the patent leather  general can simply wipe with a soft cloth. Moistened with cold light wipe decontamination   Never use any cleaners plot shiny shawl completed   on some of the maintenance of the oil can be dry. The suede to turn fur bags  such cortex rather special  dirt directly eraser can be the  maintenance soft brush along the hair quality direction Spamming can. Must not be oiled or sprayed some sort of maintenance fluid  avoid discoloration or color difference. The leather bags  whether leather or faux leather  leather with time or frequency of use and gradually reduce the natural oils  regular maintenance can extend the life of the bag. Maintenance with a dry towel the cortex above water and dirt  leather not fire baking  or directly in the sun exposure  it to lead leather deformation of  Ganlie and the fade. Recommends using a leather cleaner and maintenance of oil  If no  toothpaste can plot leather stains. The first maintenance solution  should be applied to the surface of the bottom or the inside of the bag inconspicuous place  to test whether it should apply. Regardless of any kind of material bag  after cleaning should be placed in a ventilated place to dry  do in order to be done quickly to take it to the sun  because the after water scrubbing bag  officially the most vulnerable time  sudden high temperature exposure  cause bags fade or harden leather brittle. -Season collection bags and then have to clean the leather inside the bag to keep the bag's shape to be placed in a clean shredding the corporation or Mianshan   bag into the soft cotton bag   in storage before collection in cabinet  should avoid undue compression and deformation. In addition, because our bags did not go through any middlemen  the direct manufacturers shipped  no long-term placement  So a little taste of leather is a normal phenomenon. Generally put some lemon  orange peel  tea or ventilation 1-2 days you can easily go to taste...
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