Tuesday, November 27, 2012

0 Travel Ideas To China And London

Too Many People Travel To China

1. Many people who have never joined a tour, join one to visit China. Mostly because getting around can a little difficult.

2. You can book a private tour. Basically you fly in to a big city, then you get a private mini-bus and driver who can take you anywhere.

3. If you have little ones (eg 2 parents, 4 kids) it is going to be a little bit of a stuggle. Anything that makes that easier would be good.

4. Remember you can easily fly between destinations and hotels and then book a local private tour wherever you are. These tours can be for a day or they can drive you to other cities. Only used a private tour once, for a few hours to see some special buildings that were out of the way. The guy was really lovely and got us into the destination for free and patiently stopped while my friend took photos of everything (with her new camera).

5.6 people is too many people for a taxi. In Beijing and Shanghai you can get from the airport to the hotel by subway, and get around by subway. But a tour, private or public, will get you to where you need to go.

6. Booking a tour from your home country is more expensive than booking locally.

7. You could try a yangtze river cruise, as you get to stop and several cities on the way.

Travel to London Experience 

You travel around London on The London Underground, an underground train system. You can walk between most tourist sites though if you're not in a hurry. Use bookings.com to book a hotel room (probably between GBP50 & GBP100, although that won't buy you luxury at that price). EasyHotels (like EasyJet) are cheap and mainstream. Check Hilton hotels as well though as they're only a few quid more, apart from the really big famous ones. Plenty in London.

Strange men with funny accents that stop beside you on the road in their cars and offer cheap taxi rides... Aren't taxis. All real taxis have proper illuminated signage or are London Black Cabs as seen on TV.

If it snows in the UK, even a little bit, everybody tries to stay in bed. So if it snows on your trip don't expect much to happen apart from you walking to closed places or watching telly.


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