Sunday, November 25, 2012

0 Travel luggage buying common sense

            Product Introduction travel bags for the fabric in a variety of leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, plastics, textiles, plywood, plastic sheets, cardboard inner tubes, by hot-pressing or vacuum forming, injection molding, sewing craft production with installed put carry clothing a travel tool including travel hard case, soft travel case, travel bag, according to the species classification. Travel hard case is hard suitcase box materials, soft box on the contrary, while traveling bag mainly refers to the capacity as compared with ordinary back bag, with a trolley, walking round the various drag package. Common market hard case made of ABS, PP, thermoplastic composite materials, soft boxes, general travel bag material for nylon, canvas, leather. Travel bags have already become a common tool of the people to go out to the office or holiday visit travel, so the quality has been subject to consumer concerns.

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 Buy travel bags, should be based on individual needs to purchase the appropriate specifications, fabric. Most of the hard case with a high temperature, wear-resistant, anti-impact, waterproof, compression characteristics, its hard shell material to protect the contents from extrusion impact, but the disadvantage is that the built-in fixed capacity. The soft box user-friendly to more use of space, and most of the light weight, toughness, attractive appearance, more suitable for short-distance travel.

 2.Travel bags in use fragile rod, take the wheel and carrying handle, the purchase should focus on examination of these parts. Do not need to bend over to pull consumers to buy the standard selection lever length to repeatedly telescopic Rod dozens, rod still pull together a smooth, normal trolley lock switch as the basis to test the quality of the drawbar. View box go round the tank upside down, wheels leave the ground, struck the wheels by hand, make it idling to be flexible wheel rotation, wheel and axle fit tight or too loose boxes go round rubber material should be selected, noise and wear. Mention the mostly plastic parts, under normal circumstances good quality plastics have a certain toughness, the poor quality of the plastic hard, brittle fracture in use prone.

3 .to choose well-known businesses and brands. Generally good quality travel bags, pay more attention to detail, suitable colors, neat stitching, pin length uniform, there is no thread exposed, fabric formation flawless, no bubbling, no bare edges, shiny metal accessories. Select well-known businesses and brands with good after-sale protection. View tag. Regular manufacturers of products should be marked on the product name, product standard number, model specifications, material, production unit name and address, Inspection Mark, Tel from

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